7 Best Uses For Leftover Coffee

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We love recycling leftover beans and brew however we can here at Liquid Life Cafe. Did you know the average American spends around $1,100 a year on coffee? I am willing to bet at least 1/3 of that coffee gets poured down the drain. Although sometimes it’s inevitable, there are some pretty genius uses for left over coffee that you’ve probably never heard of.

Here are the 7 Best Uses For Leftover Coffee:

  1. Ice Cubes- pour your leftover coffee into an ice cube tray. Pour some milk over the frozen coffee cubes and enjoy a delicious new way to drink your favorite caffeinated beverage.

2. Recipes- spruce up your favorite dessert with some leftover coffee. Simply replace part of one of the liquid ingredients with coffee and enjoy. Some of my favorite examples include brownies, oatmeal, frosting and even chilli. Here at Liquid Life Café we cram coffee into our menu as much as possible. What can we say? We’re obsessed.

3. Plants- you can use leftover brew or grounds to spruce up your acid loving plants. Just don’t over-do it. This is one way we recycle at Liquid Life Cafe and the plants outside our café are ever so perky. Stop in and ask for some grounds to take home for your garden! (Stay tuned for a full post on the benefits of coffee in the garden)

4. Cleaning the grill- speaking of acid, the acid in coffee is great for cleaning tough grease and grime from your grill.

5. POPSICLES- okay, this is my favorite. Who doesn’t love popsicles? Pour your leftover coffee in a popsicle mold about half way full and top it off with your favorite enhancements. Different flavored coffee creamers or maybe just sweetened condensed milk. YUM!

6. Dye- use leftover coffee grounds to stain wood or dye clothing, paper, etc. (kind of boring, I know. It’s hard to top the popsicle idea)

7. Iced Coffee Simple enough right? Even if your leftover coffee has been sitting out half the day, it’s still delicious over ice and cream.

There you have it! Now, stop wasting that precious liquid and put it to good use.

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