Wolf Bay Coffee Served at Liquid Life Cafe

Liquid Life Café proudly serves coffee from local roasters Dan and Kathy Rush. After traveling the world in search of the perfect cup of coffee, Dan and Kathy founded Wolf Bay Coffee in Foley, Alabama, a town just north of Orange Beach. They are now successful local distributors along the Gulf Coast for those businesses who take pride in serving a quality cup of joe.

Their coffee is gourmet, fair trade and fresh roasted daily. Some of their favorite roasts include El Salvadorian Majahua Tablon La Monta Roast and Brazilian ertao Carmo de Minas. They also carry Peruvian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian blends. Wolf Bay Coffee can custom roast a batch based on your favorite profile of coffee.

Liquid Life Cafe is known for being Orange Beach’s Favorite Café on behalf of our gourmet quality coffee. We receive weekly shipments of fresh roasted beans from Wolf Bay Coffee and serve them as fresh as they come. Our customers rave over the distinguished flavor of the coffee we serve and for this, we are proud.

Grab some of their beans while you’re at the Café and when you want to try something a little different for your morning pick-me-up, here is a simple recipe for Bulletproof Coffee:

–1 cup of Wolf Bay Coffee (your choice of flavor)

–1-3 teaspoons coconut oil

–1-2 tablespoons unsalted butter (we recommend Kerrygold)

Blend in blender or with hand blender until smooth. The butter and coconut oil improve how our bodies process caffeine. Sip and get ready to conquer your day! Enjoy!

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